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Advertisement: New chute sizes!

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May 10, 2011
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Heres whats new:

25" diameter 8 shroud line chute: $12
36" diameter 12 shroud line chute: $20
18" diameter 6 shroud line chute: $8
56" diameter 16 shroud line chute: $35
45" diameter 12 shroud line chute: $25

The rest of my products:
15" 6 shroud line chute: $8
22" 6 shroud line chute: $10
28" 12 shroud line chute: $15

You can order by mail-in only. You should Email me first to alert me of the order, and, of course, tell me what you orderd so I can sew it for you if I dont have it already. By the time I get your payment, I will have the chute in the package and ready to go in the mail. Shipping is $3 for orders under $20, $5 for orders between $20 and $40, and $6 for orders over $40.

All chutes are made of Ripstop nylon, with the sides sewn under to prevent freying, and the shroud lines sewn onto the corners of the chute.

Email me at "[email protected]" or PM me for more deatials.

I can also do custom work. Chute sizes between 14" and 60". Just take the nearest chute size and thats what the will be. For example, a 40" chute would be $18, and a 42" chute would be $20.

Heres a review for my 15" chute: Reveiw

Heres a picture of me holding the 56" chute I made for my dad's project: