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May 10, 2011
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Heres whats new:

25" diameter 8 shroud line chute: $12
36" diameter 12 shroud line chute: $20
18" diameter 6 shroud line chute: $8
56" diameter 16 shroud line chute: $35
45" diameter 12 shroud line chute: $25

The rest of my products:
15" 6 shroud line chute: $8
22" 6 shroud line chute: $10
28" 12 shroud line chute: $15

You can order by mail-in only. You should Email me first to alert me of the order, and, of course, tell me what you orderd so I can sew it for you if I dont have it already. By the time I get your payment, I will have the chute in the package and ready to go in the mail. Shipping is $3 for orders under $20, $5 for orders between $20 and $40, and $6 for orders over $40.

All chutes are made of Ripstop nylon, with the sides sewn under to prevent freying, and the shroud lines sewn onto the corners of the chute.

Email me at "" or PM me for more deatials.

I can also do custom work. Chute sizes between 14" and 60". Just take the nearest chute size and thats what the will be. For example, a 40" chute would be $18, and a 42" chute would be $20.

Heres a review for my 15" chute: Reveiw

Heres a picture of me holding the 56" chute I made for my dad's project: