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Advertisement: Motor Trade @ Whitakers...

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Apr 22, 2009
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Greetings fellow TRFers. For those of you attending Whitakers this weekend, I have a small favor to ask. If I'm not mistaken, Ken Allen will be at the launch selling motors and supplies. In the event he is not able to attend, I was curious if someone would be willing to trade a pack of 24mm F21-4Ws for 29mm F20-7Ws. That being said, will Aerotech First Fires or Quickburst Twiggy's fit in the c-slot? (I don't think they will! :eek: )

My 29mm upscale Deuce will be there and it'll need some power. :D
He will be there... he already has several hundred, maybe even thousand dollars worth of pre-orders from us ;)