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Advertisement: Merlin Missile Solutions Now Carries Dr. Rocket RMS Motors


Sep 14, 2003
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Merlin Missile Solutions, a provider of “Unique Solutions for High Performance Rocketry”, announces the availability of the full line of Dr. Rocket RMS Motors, from the 29mm up through the 98mm hardware.

According to Lance Knoechel, president of Merlin Missile Solutions, “I am pleased to have Merlin become a reseller for Dr. Rocket RMS Motors. Dr. Rocket provides high quality rocket motors at an affordable price. As an adjunct to our already distinctive rocketry solutions, this addition will help to round out our merchandise offering as we continue to develop a more comprehensive selection of products.”

As a special promotion, Merlin Missile Solutions is offering free matching Protective RMS Motor Containers for each 29mm, 38mm, and 54mm Dr. Rocket RMS motor, case or system purchased.

Additional information can be found on the Merlin Missile Solutions web site at www.MerlinMissiles.com.