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Advertisement: Merlin Missile Solutions Announces Its First Rocket Kit, <i>The Sword</i>


Sep 14, 2003
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Merlin Missile Solutions, a provider of “Unique Solutions for High Performance Rocketry”, announces the availability of its first rocket kit, <i>The Sword</i>.

According to Lance Knoechel, president of Merlin Missile Solutions, "We are very excited about the release of our first rocket kit, <i>The Sword</i>. We recognize that many rocketeers are bored with the same old kits, so we put a great deal of creativity into coming up with a design that is truly unique. Fitting to its name, it actually looks like a sword.”

<i>The Sword</i> is 42" long and features a 1.8" diameter single-length body tube, a heavy-duty plastic nosecone, sturdy 1/8" plywood fins, a 24mm motor mount, an 18" Top Flight Recovery 6-line parachute, bonded Kevlar line which is easily maintained by a through-the-motor-mount attachment point, and detailed assembly instructions.

To kick off the availability of <i>The Sword</i>, the first 50 kits will be numbered and signed by the designer, Lance Knoechel.

Additional information can be found on the Merlin Missile Solutions web site at www.MerlinMissiles.com.