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Sep 15, 2003
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Hello to all,
It's time to thin out the collection (I'm told)as one of my sons was nearly crushed by a box of reloads.My wife will let me keep what is in the garage,but what's in the attic,basement,outside storage buildings and in an unregistered camping trailer must go.Let it be known that none of my Mars landers (ecxept for the tango papa clones) are for sale.I have the entire NCR line (in multiples)opened,and unopened.Almost the entire Launch pad line including plan packs(yes I have the Nike Ajax)and several hundred classic Estes kits.I would prefer to give all proceeds to my kid's colledge fund and not to e-bay,so I will attempt to inventory what is on top of the piles and see how it goes.Let's start with the Pro Series kits that are looking out from the closet at me right now.I have a shrink wrapped Jayhawk,Maxi-Force,and Impulse.I just saw a Jayhawk on E-bay close at $153.00.WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can auction rocketry stuff for free on RocketryOnline


It does not cost anything to register, or to enter listings in the auctions. Their auction system runs very well (I have used it quite a bit)
Thanks for the reply.I have bought many thing online,but never sold.I guess that ROL is the best place,so anyone interested please check there for auctions by"Captkurt" some of you may me as Kidwoosh on E-bay.Thanks to all,Kurt J.
I have begun listing on rol.I am terribly slow at typing and new to selling and listing,so please be patient as more ads are produced.I have been out of circulation for a little while (2 kids,3&4)has Aerotech been bought? or is anyone filling the need of mid and high power enthusiasts? Thanks in advance for all that bother to reply.Kurt J.

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