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Jan 17, 2009
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Can anyone help me? I am looking for some of the old ACE 4" dia nose cones that were so plentiful back in the late 80s. They are very long and have a screw cap on the base.
If you mean the long ogive shapes, about 12-15 inches long, they still show up on the R.O.L. auctions.

If you can't find one anywhere else, I probably have one or two in the bottom of a box somewhere.
Hi Styme,
Those aren't the ones I am looking for right now, but the shapes are pretty unique! I will keep that link for future projects, thanks!

I will keep looking over the auction sites, you are not the first one to tell me this, I just keep missing them. If you come across one you are willing to part with let me know, I have a couple but they are pretty badly battle scarred. If I can get one good one and paint it black I can do several upscales and simply swap the cone from rocket to rocket. Thanks!
Hi Powderburner!
Yes! I went to NARAM down in Great Meadow Virginia earlier this month. I stopped by to see Ken Allen of Performance Hobbies at his tent he had set up. I asked him about the nose cones and it turns out he had a whole box of them! Apparently he got them from *sigh* Jerry Irvine who may in fact now own this mold. I bought 2 and am having decals and centering rings made by a friend here so hopefully I will have a 4", 3-D motor powered Patriot, Red Max and Goblin. I will post pictures of their progress once they get under way. Thanks!
I also have an ACE 3.9" nosecone - what type of adapter/thing-a-ma-bob screws onto the base and where can I get it?