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Advertisement: Looking for 1/100th Saturn 1b

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Apr 2, 2009
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Anyone have a 1/100th 1b or know what they are going for? Was it ever reissued? I'd really like to have it to go with my saturn 5 and Nuebaurs. Thanks.
Originally it was issued by Centuri. When Estes bought Centuri they released it aroun 1992 I think.

It is now discontinued and they sell for around $200 to collectors, not builders...but!

If you have the capsule or the plastic part set from the Estes Saturn V you could clone one.

JimZ makes a resin reproduction of the scalloped lower shroud....good luck with that.

The decals are also available fom him or Tango Papa.

The one detail you need is the special tubes!

The "command Module tube is the BT-154 (I think) and it is still available from Estes.

The tank tubes are special too!

Totally Tubular has them listed as the T-.7 body tube.

I'm building one...eventually. Mine is about 50% completed then I got sidetracked.

I MAY...not sure...I May reissue my 1/135th scale Saturn 1B if I can get more decals sets made.

Thanks sandman-
Wow. 200 bucks. I'de have to build it too. I couldn't have one and not fly it. I guess the tracking down of parts shall begin.

Have you seen anyone's cloned one complete? Is it pretty close?

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