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Advertisement: Kevlar thread for sale.

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rocket trike

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Nov 5, 2002
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Rockethead Rockets is adding Kevlar thread to our web site. We have not added it there yet but we are ready to sell it. We are offering it here for sale now. We have soft Kevlar that we use on all of our parachutes. It pack easier then the bond Kevlar. This is a 50# test Kevlar. We are selling it for $5.00 for 100 feet. We are also offering the 150# test kevlar. This is bonded and works good for shock cord and shock cord mounts. We are selling this for $7.50 for 100 feet. They will come wound on a cardboard holder. We included a picture of the 50# in this thread. Shipping will be $.90 (first class) for as much you want to order. If you would like to place a order please e-mail us a [email protected] and we will get back to you with the total. We will take Paypal, Checks or Money orders.

Thank you
Tell me more about "bonded" kevlar (your 150# stuff.)

When you cut a piece of it, do the ends tend to "unravel" or "fray"? is it made of lots of micro fibers that can get "fuzzy" on you when it is worked?