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Advertisement: HUGE ~30' or so Military Chute- Olive/Green color

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Feb 2, 2003
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I bought a HUGE ~30' parachute at a gun show once thinking I could save it one day for one of my BIG projects like 10 years down the road but I realized that I would have no use for it. Therefore, I am selling it. This chute could probably easily handle a 150 lb or 200 lb project! Example, one evening I as in my back yard and there was maybe 5mph winds or less, so I decided to inflate the chute to see what it looked like. Well, even with that little wind, it dragged me across the backyard with me running full speed to keep up. The ONLY way it stopped was by getting stuck in my neighbor's tree/fence! I weigh 120 lbs, so that should give you an idea of what it can handle. Or you could buy it, take it to club launches and for those little kids that get bored, you could charge $5 for rides on the parachute. In other words, strap them up and let the wind drag them across the field! Just kidding about the ride thing. :p Would be funny though! :p Anyways, I will sell it for $100. I don't know how much shipping would be. It weighs close to 20lbs! I am willing to negotiate the price, so if you are interested, PM me and we will try to work out something. Thanks!
I will try to get a picture of it once I go back to my mom's house so I can pick it up.
I forgot to mention that the parachute has some form of webbing at the bottom. I don't know what it is for but it won't affect the performance. When I can get a picture of the parachute, you will see what I mean.
here is a pic of it folded up in the driveway with the lines neatly inside plastic bags.