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Advertisement: Holverson BALSA Wicked Winnies for sale

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Feb 29, 2004
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I was able to scrounge up 8 of the ORIGINAL Holverson Designs Wicked Winnie kits. These are the balsa ones, not the "Fun Rockets" styro jobbies.

I put one together and am keeping one, so I have 6 left. I paid 11.50 each for them and that's the price I'm selling them at. Since I'm not making any money, I'll have to charge 4.95 for shipping.

I will be happy to do my usual free shipping for orders over 20.00 if you buy something else from the website.

They aren't listed on the site, these are for TRFers only, so just email or PM me if you want one. First come first served.


John Arthur

Those are nice models.

I have one opened I want to build but....it's way down on the list.

I do like tailcones!
I'm not sure why, but my original Wicked Winnie is probably the favorite rocket in my fleet. I guess it may be the paint job, one of my best, but it's really a great flyer. I piggy back whitewings gliders off of it.

John (not Jon) Arthur