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Jan 9, 2004
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I'm getting married the end of this week, August 6th. I'm moving into our new apartment and have found a lot of rocket stuff that I don't use anymore or just don't think I will want or don't have the space for. In the following posts I will put pictures of stuff I'm selling - let's make a deal so I can get this stuff off of my hands.

Here are some cardboard cones I bought for fiberglass molds, but won't use them. They make perfect cones for smaller rockets. The base diameter is 2.65", at the top it is .45". The thickness of the wall is .075" They are 6.75" tall. I finished a couple to a point with some mylar wrapped around the cone and poured some epoxy into it to form a conical point. They work very well. I have 35 of them left.


$4 for 5 + shipping

A newer Estes Electron Beam Launcher and pad. No rod or blast deflector. They are in great shape, used for maybe 5 launches.

***Found! Blast deflector!!!! I'm still looking for the launch rod****

$5 plus shipping

You aren't saving much room on that stuff! Do we need to send the wife to be in there and start clearing out??;)
Just found! 4 60" military white parachutes. Two are in very good shape (never been flown) and the other two have been flown a couple times. They come with the little d-bags/covers. Also, 2 36" chute with the apex pull down shroud line - both used.

Price $45 for everything.

Anyway you could "hold" the chutes ofr me? Is the $45 with shipping? I am very interested but I need to figure out how I'm going to get money and stuff so if you could PLEASE put hose on hold I would GREATLY appreciate it!!!! THANKS!!!

Congrats on the marriage! BTW do you have pics of the chutes? Thanks!
I have finally made up my mind. Yes, I will buy those chutes. I will PM you a message with more info. Thanks!