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Advertisement: G80 trade in MA

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Mar 1, 2009
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i will trade someone a G80-10T and 2 C6-5's or 1 E9-8 for 2 E30-7T's. let me know if anyone from MA can do this trade, i'd like to do it in person and i want these motors for saturdays CMASS launch. thanks.:D
ok, i've uped the trade to, 1 G80-10T and 1 LOC 14" nylon ripstop chute UNUSED. for a 2 pack of F20-4W's.
ok, how about this, 2 G80 10T's for a 29/40-120. OR 3 G80-10T's AND a pack of D12-5s for a 29/40-120 and 24/40. all the G80's come with copperheads. however many you want. i have 5 G80's and i am NOT going to use them, especially since they're 10 second delays. i'd rather spread the wealth and get a casing in return. something other than the G80. its a sick motor. it sent my onyx skyward fast. OFFER ME SOMETHING!!!