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Advertisement: Full Model Sized Little Joe II Poster!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Would anyone be interested in a full sized (same as my kit sized) poster of the Little Joe II?

This poster will be approximately 28" tall and 10" wide.

It will be Black and White with no dimentions on it.

Is there any interest?

Do you want the dimensions on the poster?

I am in the process of searching sign and copy shops in my area to try and find some place that can do this on heavy gloss stock...any ideas.

One of these posters will be included in each one of my Little Joe II kits

Here is a pic of it behind my prototypes just to give you an idea of the size. It is actually the same size as the model...exactly...the difference in the picture is because the model is in front of the poster.

My wife just got back from the copy shop.

The image is 28" tall, the same size as the model.

One of these posters will be included in each one of my Little Joe II kits


Read my original post again. LOL!

I was just seeing if anybody wanted any "extra" posters.

I guess I need to rephrase my question.

Since the posters WILL be included in each kit, would anybody ELSE be interested in one of these poster?

Or maybe an "extra" one.

I just want to know how many to have made.


The poster looks sweet, really nice !

I'm not sure if its too late to ask about adding the dimensions to this poster, but I'm not meaning like Pete did in ROTW. Hows about a small box in the lower right with basic dimensions. Since this is a great quality image, I think that small addition would add just a bit more. 8)

Of course, I could be wrong..

In any regard, I'm so looking forward to this kit and the poster.

Cheers to you my friend,
Don't you guys read???


Don't make me turn this car around!!!

I think you guys are pulling my chain!:D

28" Little Joe kit?:)

Where?! When?! How Much?!

Will it come with a poster? :D

The poster is the EXACT SAME SCALE as the model!

The model is 28" tall and the poster image is 28" tall.

I used portions of the poster (before it was a poster) to scale my model.

So...does anybody want me to have "extra" posters printed?