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Advertisement: free kits to good home

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Jan 17, 2009
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I am like the "collector".... :) Seems that anyone in my neck of the woods who has a model rocket that they no longer want, it winds up on my doorstep (hey, ain't complainin', just commenting... :) )

In any event, I just came across two kits, the Estes Fire Streak and the Estes Cork Screw. These are complete, still in the package (box) though the boxes have seen better days, the kits look fine.

Free to a good home with ONE firm stipulation. These need to go to a child *from* someone teaching a class.

If you are doing *any* sort of rocketry education to youths, either through a school or youth group, you can take them both to give out as gifts, prizes, whatever works best for your group. All I ask is that you pay for shipping ($4.95)

Send me an email at [email protected] with your name, address and the group that you are going to be teaching. First come first served (i will note in this thread when they are gone). Once I've identified the person getting them I will send you the account to send paypal payment to (or you could send me a check)

Jim, my wife and I are in the midst of doing a rocketry project with our home-schoolers . I would be interested in these kits !

(9 of 'em in home shool ... ages 7 thru 17)

(these are all our adopted children with more than their fair share of problems ... that's why my wife and I decided maybe home-schooling would be better for 'em .... so far so good and into our second year !!!) .... 2 of our "at home" kids are attending public high school but they are also in with the rocket project.

Thus far we have built 6 Exo-skells and are about to begin our Venus Probes. (I got these kits for a steal off ebay !!!) We have the kids monitoring the Weather Channel daily now looking for a good launch day for the Exo-skells ... this project should last well into summer and maybe far beyond that with a few of 'em !

The whole project has gotten me back into the hobby ! (Big smile)

Just a note to say how amazed I am by your dedication to those children. I have two, and they run me ragged sometimes. Nine? I can't even imagine having that much energy.

oh yea, i've been reading that thread... :)

you got'em! With sugar on top! :)

I have your address via email (thanx) and I will get them out with tomorrows shipment. payment details are in my reply to your email :)

Thanx and good luck with the kids!
Thanks again Jim !!! I'll use the kits as incentive for getting something (school-wise) done ... lol !!!

Dedicated .... some just call us crazy ... hahaha
Recieved the kits yesterday .... thanks so much for your donation to our homeshoolers rocketry project !!!!