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Mar 14, 2004
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In the process of getting what I wanted I've collected a few things I don't need. I bet you have too. So let's save a couple dollars and swap. Add your haves and wants to the thread and we can email each other to make arrangements.


Holverson Swinger large b/g kit, tail slightly curved from poor packing.
Quest X-30 lifting body kit
Quest M2Q2 lifting body kit.
Glencoe Jupiter C plastic kit converted & ready to fly.
Two 18" long BT5 (13mm) body tubes
50 foot spools of 19# kevlar thread
Two Estes 1/4A3-3T 13mm motors


Nosecones or transitions, balsa or plastic, BT20 (18mm) or better.
Basswood or lite-ply fin stock, scraps OK if large enough.
Any 18mm motors, or 18mm or 24mm reloads.

If I have something you really need and don't have anything I want, I will accept PayForward (will give to you, and you give something to someone else later).
I got various Estes, A, B, C, and D sized engines. How many do you want for the Kevlar.
Originally posted by rocketsonly
I got various Estes, A, B, C, and D sized engines. How many do you want for the Kevlar.

The kevlar is in 19 yard spools and is 16 pound. Great for shroud lines, but I wouldn't use it for shock cords without tripling it. I don't know how much it's worth individually: I bought a collection of various sizes in one package. How about 2 D's or 3 C's for a spool? I've got several spools.