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Advertisement: For sale : Alpha III nosecone With Box

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Jun 30, 2010
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I lost the top half of my Estes Alpha III due to a separation but I found the nosecone. Come complete with the eye-screw, 12" Estes 'chute & the ' Flying Model Rockets Box '. And a small plastic box to keep the motors in ( None included ) It has a brown base with a wood effect, and clear lid.
I can also throw in a brand new launch rod, the original blast deflector, stand off, yellow pad & launch controller if needed.

Nosecone is in mint condition, just a little bit of residue where one of the stickers has come off.

Box has a bit of paper missing where it's peeled off. It is white with black writing, saying ' Estes, Flying Model Rockets ' .

Blast deflector & Standoff : One side of the blast deflector has been sprayed with silver, metal spray paint to hide the rusting. Clean, with the usual burn marks ect.

Launch Rod : Brand new, still has the cellophane tape at either end and the plastic stoppers.

Pad & Launch controller : Pad is in mint condition, 1 or 2 scratches under neath the legs. Complete yellow pad bar the bit in the centre where the legs clip into & the launch rod, its off the more modern, Estes starter sets.
Launch controller, only used a few times, includes key but is without the plastic lid that protects the bulb.

Going for �10 / $18 p&p (ONO). Will ship anywere. Also open for trade.