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Advertisement: For Sale: Aerotech Rockets and Motors, V2.

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May 27, 2004
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Selling all my rockets. I bought the rockets many years ago but never flown. They been in a climate control storage or in my house. Prefer local pick up on astrobee but will ship if needed.

Already put together rockets, never flown:
1. Mountainside Hobbies 4" dia V2
2. Aerotech Astrobee
3. Aerotech Strongarm

Aerotech kits:
1. Iqsy Tomahawk
2. Wart-Hog

Aerotech motors, single use, stored in sealed bag since purchased: I light two that were opened from their original package for fun, both light very easily.

PM or email me with questions and/or offers.
Larger pics can be seen HERE
Just bought all the motors. WRX03, can you email me back when you will be shipping the motors?
Sweet. Thanks man. First midpowered motors for everyone on the team.... :D I wonder how the members will feel of the jump from C's to G's... hhehehe
Originally posted by rocketsonly
I wonder how the members will feel of the jump from C's to G's... hhehehe

They will do this :D or do this :kill: There's a slight difference :lol: I tested one last week in the front yard; wife, daughter, and neighbor all came out to see what the *#@! was going on.
Tomahawk, and V2 are being held for payment.

Motors, Wart-Hog sold

All else available, really like to sell the strongarm.
Originally posted by WRX03
Wart-Hog, tomahawk, and V2 are being held for payment.

Wart Hog paid for and heading towards CATO Country. WOOHOO.
Got the D :). Minor damage to one of the antennas. It is OK :). Have you ever flown this? Looks new to me :). Thanks
I bought the IQSY Tomahawk from WRX03. He's a great seller, and we kept in constant communication as I paid. I highly recommend him if he sells any more items.