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Sep 11, 2002
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Hello All,

This is just a quick note to say that Excelsior suffered some pretty serious computer issues over the past two weeks. Internet access was extremely limited, or just plain old unavalilable. Additionally, the computer kept re-booting or running slower than a Yugo....

Some Emails and decal files were permenently lost when the machine would 'freeze' up.

To top it off, the kids spilled soda on the supply of copy paper, ruining about 40-45 sheets.....

All is now up and running.

If you emailed or ordered from Excelsior in the past two weeks, and have not heard back from us, please try again.

We are sorry for the disruption, but look forward to serving you in the future.

Excelsior Rocketry

Check out the scratch built section. I put the Bull Pup on there with your decals. They worked out great. Thanks again for your great service:D
Frodo: The Bullpup looks great!! I will post the pics you sent to me on the website as soon as I can.

FYI We are waaaay behind due to this computer and decal paper situation, plus, I will be away next week as well. If you sent an email or are awaiting anything, please hang in there.

Thanks again everyone!!

Hey John:

I exchanged a few emails with Fred on Friday before I left for a day or two (just getting back.) I know his email was working then.

He may have taken a weekend himself.

Hi Gang,

Yes, we are up and running: printing and mailing decals, drawing custom designs, and even receiving email!!

I will be responding to any out standing emails during the day today!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!!