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Advertisement: EXCELSIOR ROCKETRY announces 'Retro-Bash' design

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Sep 11, 2002
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NEW!! From Excelsior Rocketry:

RETRO-BASH: Decal sets, instructions, and patterns to allow the model rocketeer to 'kit-bash' and build rockets from currently available kits that have the flavor of kits from years ago.

Our first release is the GOONY GOBLIN

The GOONY GOBLIN Retro-Bash set comes complete with instructions, decals, and fin patterns to build the Goony Goblin from a Baby Bertha kit. All parts from the Baby Bertha are used with the exeception of the fins.


The Goony Goblin stands 10.5" tall, and has a simple yet striking paint scheme. Combining several elements of vintage rocket decor, with a currently available kit, allows the builder to construct a model with style and character not often found in today's bland 'commitee designed' kits. Engine selection, and performance is similar in all respects to the Baby Bertha.

This Retro-Bash set comes complete with decals, fin patterns, and instructions to convert a Baby Bertha kit (purchased seperately) into the GOONY GOBLIN.

Price is $5.00

Please click on the below link for more details:


Below is the decal sheet included in the GOONY GOBLIN RETRO-BASH set:
Note that the decal set includes the 'Scamp' demon. Why? Because he is GOONY!!

Below is a pic of the prototype Goony Goblin. Note that the entire decal set had not been finalized at the time this photo was taken.
THAT is a really cool idea!

I want one...I do have a few extra Baby Bertha kits!

Do more...do more!

And, one final pic for the peanut gallery: The Goony Goblin taking off!!

Thanks for all of your support !!
I checked out your launch reports section and there was only one listed and a listing for the outlander.
Love it! Do you have scans of other Goonybirds? I'm particularly interested in the Missile Toe.
Drew Tomko
I LOVE those Goonybirds!!! I have all 6 unbuilt, and several original built-ups and clones. I also plan on drawing the decal sets for all 6 as well.

Here is a pic of a few: The Missile Toe and Zoom Broom are originals built ups that I finished, and the Star Snoop is a full clone.
If you offer those Gooneybirds as a retro-bash, consider my order placed. I remember buying and building the Galaxy Guppy, and Zoom broom when I was ten or eleven. I can still remember the pride from building them and having them looking like the box art. They were a great confidence builder for me. You know, I can actually remember the smell of the spray paint I used on them. I don't know what brand it was but it wasn't anything I've used since then.

"The nostaligia will be so thick they'll have to brush it away from their faces."
Terrance Mann, Field of Dreams

Keep up the great work!!:p
I had the Missile Toe and Zoom Broom and loved them, even though I was "older" when they came out. My kids were hysterical when I showed them pictures.
Please keep them coming, Fred!
Now THIS is a concept more people should roll with!


If you're gonna get the Goonybird clones rolling soon enough, I might have you hold my current order to include them....

;) ;) :D ;) :D ;) :D :D :cool:
The Star Snoop decal is currently available, and is easily clone-able from a Baby Bertha kit. The Missile Toe decal should be ready very soon as well.
Well, I said soon, didn't I? I was inspired tonight, so I drew up the Missile Toe. Please note that the sample jpeg is a quick and dirty version. The decals themselves will be sharp, and the areas simply outlined with a black border will be printed in white, with black lettering.
Oh yes, fin patterns will be included in both of the Goonybird decal sets.
Excellent!!! This is just what I want!!! If only a week sooner!! Hobby Lobby.... all those BABY BERTHAS at 50% off that I passed up!!!:mad: :mad: Because I allready had one built!!!:eek:
Man-oh-man, how can anyone pass up stocking up on cheap kits at half price? I usually buy all the cheap stuff they have in there, and then start looking for another store across town.

The Baby Bertha is a fun little kit, and a great hand-out to prospective new model rocketeers, along with Mosquitos and Quarks and Wizards (handed out on schoolyard during fun-launch: "You build this before next Saturday and meet me here again, I will bring the motors, so you bring your parents!") So what if three out of four never come back, a LOT of them DO come back and it's easy to convice the parents to get involved too.

The Baby Bertha just so happens to lend itself to a conversion----probably my favorite way to use this kit. Shorten the BT, cut some new fins, and you have a perfect scale Baby Fat Boy! You can choose between a single 18mm motor mount (simple and HOT!), a triple 18mm mount (say goodbye), a triple 13mm mount, or even a quad 13mm mount. I suppose you could squeeze in a seven motor 13mm cluster, but I don't have enough clip whips for that.
Yes, the Baby Bertha is a great little starting place. I have a few more GOONY and other retro bashes up my sleave.

The Original Goonybirds had a 6" long BT, and the Baby Bertha is 7.5". I thing that a Goony should look fine with the 7.35" tube, especially as it allows you to use 18mm motors!!

Stay tuned for new Retro Bashes real soon!!

These are GREAT, Fred!

Make some up for the FAT BOY too!

We can use "D" motors!

Here's my Missile Toe. I put it together last night after getting the Excelsior decal and fin patterns.
Drew Tomko
Wow Drew, you are FAST!!

Looks good... BTW: I used 1/8" Auto detailing tape for the 'bandage' look on my Missile Toe (A built up original that I restored)
I love a kit that you can put together in an evening! I had all the parts because I have a couple of Designer's Special boxes from a few years ago. The tape looks great; I'll have to get some.
BTW, did you paint both sides of the fins black? I've never seen a picture from the bottom.
I painted both sides black. The original Goonybird instructions just say to paint the fins black.

Hey Fred,

I'm working on that new Goony kit-bash that you sent me right now - in the process of sealing the balsa. Should have it all painted and finished by Wednesday evening.

Was thinking of putting it in its own thread in the LPR forum.
You know, Astronboy, I'm having a *hard* time not posting pics of the new bird! She's all done and a real hoot!

Please go ahead. I was unable to update the website today, but it should be up and running with this new design in a few days.
I currently have a house guest and we were fooling around with some Baby Bertha kits (you really don't wanna know how much I got 'em for!)

This is our latest Baby Bertha/Goony/scale/whatever.

Member nate f. and I were fooling around with a bunch of stuff and we came up with another Goony.

I spent the longest time trying to figure out what thread to put this in...anyway I will put something together on how to do this and give it to Astronboy so he can add it to his kit repertoire.

No we don't have the nose cone...he left it at his mom's about 80 miles away! But it's all finished!

We used the same wrap and corrugation from my kit (reduced on my CAD program).

Sorry guys...It was like eating peanuts...we just couldn't stop!

Maybe it's not so goony but...it's different! Or is it the same???

sandman:D and Nate f.:rolleyes: