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Advertisement: Excelsior Rocketry announces 7 new decal designs

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Sep 11, 2002
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Hello Everyone,

Excelsior has 7 new decals available:

Big Bertha (puffy letters)
Honest John (BT-50, skill level 4)
Manta Bomber
SS Cassiopeia
Star Snoop Goonybird (with fin patterns and instructions to convert from a Baby Bertha kit)
Starship Nova
Starship Vega (Citation version)

Please stop by the website for more info and a peek at the Vega decal.


I'm proud to say that the Starship Vega decals were my request to Fred. You'll note the inclusion of black pinstriping to cover the edges of the ventral fins and the black stripes for the chrome BT wrap. This way you can cover the chromed part of the main BT with chrome paint, Monokote, or BareMetal Foil and apply the decal over it to replicate the original Citation look.
I can't say enough about Fred's work. If you need any custom work, Fred is incredibly responsive. I've requested very picky details for another project Fred is helping me with and he made each change very quickly.
Thanks again, Fred!
Drew Tomko
Fred also did a super job on the LJ II decals.

There aren't many decals on the LJ II but the problem was the final size when placed on the corrugation...a little basic math and the problem was solved!

He is also working out the decal set from a scan for the X-20 Dyna Soar nose cone...soon!

Super job!

Yep, yep, yep!

I've been very pleased with Fred's work!

He's in the process of cooking up my next batch.

(I can claim the Manta Bomber, Starship Nova, and SS Cassiopiea as my requests. :cool: )
Oh, and look for an Excelsior "exclusive" coming soon - Fred probably has the scans in his possession even now.... :cool: :D :cool:
I sure do!!

Thanks to Fore Check, Excelsior now has an exclusive decal:

The COBRA 1500.

Included will be cloning info and the fin pattern.