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Advertisement: Estes *Saturn V* kit FOR SALE

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Jan 8, 2004
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As the subject dictates, I have an Estes Saturn V Rocket kit here that i'd like to sell. It is NEW and STILL SEALED in the plastic. I'm sure most of you have seen what this kit goes for *new* at various places, so if anyone is interested please make me an offer. I'd really like to sell it since I am not interested in building this kit any longer and perhaps put the money toward another kit more toward my liking.

Thank you,
Just a follow up reply here to see if anyone is interested in this Estes Saturn V kit. I had originally bought it new and sealed for the intent on building it and potentially modifying it, but i do not wish to do this any longer.

Is there no one out there who would like this popular kit?!
I would be interested, but just shelled out 126 bucks for Sandman's Little Joe 2, so da wallet is flat for awhile. *sigh*

What price are you looking to sell it for ?
I might be interested as well - depending on how much you want for it. Must have missed your earlier post.

hmmm, I sent email but you never replied. I'll give you $50 + shipping for it.
I would have bid on this, but last night on eBay some dude had a similar NIB Saturn V available for $45 with the "Buy it Now" and $5 shipping. I couldn't resist for $50 total!
hey there everyone-

my apologies for the delay, but i've had a couple issues i had to take care of. busy busy! anyway, gpoehlein, how much are you willing to give for this kit? cls, thank you for the offer, so i'll get back to you. (i didn't recieve your email, sorry about that).
i guess i'd like to be fair and competitive so the right person gets it, so let me know.

send me over some zip codes so when i get a chance i can go down to the P.O. to get some basic ground shipping rates, which i wouldn't imagine being great. i think i paid around $8 for it when i bought it, but don't quote me just yet.

thanks guys.