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Advertisement: Electronic Parts!!!

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Jan 17, 2009
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Boy I did it now!!

I just bought out a Radio Shack!!

I have;

Switches (all kinds and lots of each)
Relays, not quite so many but a few
Piezo buzzers...a whole bunch of 'em!
kit boards...those blank PC boards.
LED (lots of them!
IC chips and sockets
mini-light bulbs
Connector...OH, man, do I have connectors!
aligator clips (make your own clip whips!)

I can use a lot of this stuff in my work but a lot of it is just plain "fun stuff". A lot more than I'll ever need.

If you are doing a dual recovery, electronic ejection, some kinda electronic payload, tell me what you need!

I probably have something you can use.

email me of PM me with your needs before you go electronics shopping...such a deal we can make!

oooh cool, do you have all of the parts to make a Illudiom Pew36 Explosive Space Modulator ????:) :kill:
I just found a box full of RS 232 cable

A BIG box od AV "stuf" cables connector, speaker and microphone parts.

And...a big box with every style and size of flashlight light bulbs!

Another big box with nothing but TV antenna parts!

There is a lot of stuff i haven't even looked at yet.

oooh cool, do you have all of the parts to make a Illudiom Pew36 Explosive Space Modulator ????

I might...I think it's in one of the boxes I haven't opened yet!

I will post pics...I have about 10 large 12" x 18" x 30" boxes...

I really need to go through then all to see what I have.

Let's see..... Sandman makes nosecones and boattails, custom kits and now electronics.......... What don't you have?
whats a tv antennae?

A thing that switched on ants have on their heads.:D
Originally posted by powderburner
you are permanently going to be on the mailing list from hell

LOL! I think people like sandman *is* the reason Radio Shack is still in business! :D BTW, the RS near where I live stopped asking for mailing info. Apparently, a lot of customers have been complaining about the junk mailings.