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Advertisement: DynaStar Rising Star Kit

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Jul 15, 2004
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Unbuilt kit. Bag opened but no construction has begun. Fins are loose from sheet.
"This is a 2.2 inch diameter kit that features a 10 inch long clear payload section. This makes it ideal for launching payloads, such as raw hen's eggs, altimeters, transmitters, or biological payloads like live insects."
"The Skill-Level 2 model comes with: 11 inch long ogive nose cone (made from blow-molded styrene plastic), thin-wall body tubes to reduce weight, 1/4" inch diameter launch lug, die-cut balsa wood fins, a 32 inch diameter multi-color plastic parachute, colorful self-adhesive decals, and a 24mm diameter motor mount. It can be flow on D, E and F size rocket engines."
See: https://www.dynastar-rockets.com/rising_star.html for pictures and a complete description.
$35 shipped (lower 48) or best offer. Will consider partial trades - like a Estes Storm Caster or?? Email me for more details.
Sold and Shipped - Thanks Greg!