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Advertisement: Dr. Zooch Saturn V

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Jul 15, 2004
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I just received my Dr. Zooch Saturn V kit from Rebar and after looking at the kit I think I've bit off more than I can chew.
I'm not out to make any money I just will sell for what I have in it or trade for something easier to build of equal value.
There is nothing wrong with the kit, Dr. Zooch or Rebar - this is not a commentary on the design of the kit or the service I got from Rebar (which was just fine, BTW).
I just don't have this kind of patience. And since this is a hobby and I do it for my enjoyment and stress release I’m not even going to attempt this kit!
I like Estes, Quest and Semroc kits. All kinds. Just started on my first ASP scale kit (a mini V2) and like them as well.
Make me an offer – I’d just like to see it go to someone who wants to build this kind of kit.
If you’re interested please email me on the button below or PM me.
It went to a good home!
Thanks everyone who responded.