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Advertisement: Decals and Nose Cones for Sale!

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Jan 17, 2009
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I'm "thinning the herd...so to speak.

I have lots of extra decals to sell.

These are JimZ decals...he never pays me with money...just decals! They are precoated with Microscale Decals fim ready to use!

Whenever I tell him I need one...he make me extras.

I have a Bunch of Argosy style nose cones.

I have the following decal sets:

2 - X-16 sets $3.50 each

1 - USSF Fireflash sets $3.50 each

2 - sets of "Kit Names" in black (Astron Ranger, Farside...etc.) $3.50 each

1 - calypso $1.50 each

4 - Hornet $1.50 each

1 - Aerobee 300 set $1.50 each

1 - D-13 set (this is the General decal set used on the Astron Constellation and Astron Shrike 2 stage) $3.50

1 - Uss Pleades $3.50

email or PM me.

Sold a few items so keep checking to see what's left.

I would be happy to send some of these "over the pond" or "down under" if anyone is interested.

I could use the Centuri Space shuttle set, if you still have them. How should I pay? They would be sent to Mass.

Dibs on the Argosy set. Let me know what I owe ya for shipping. If I read your classified ad correctly, the decal set is $3.50 and the cone is a separate amount. Is this correct? Or do you mean decals and cone for $3.50? Either way, send me a total and I'll take 'em off your hands. Thanks! :)
I have the nose cones sperately at $3.50 each.

Sorry the Argosy is gone...sold.

I do have some X-16, USSF Fireflash, and one Starhawk set left. They all take the "Argosy" style nose cones.

I just have way too much "stuff"!

How about both the Starhawk and the Fireflash and a pair of Nose Cones?

I'm in if you still have 'em.
You got 'em!

You have to download the plans from JimZ's site.

OK, I just have a few of the decals left and most of the nose cones are gone.

You guys sucked 'em up faster than...than me finding a clearance price on rocket stuff at Meijer's!

If you want anything, PM or email me first to find out what I have left.