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Sep 11, 2002
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I have decided to take the leap and offer a custom decal service to TRF members. I have an ALPS printer that can print water slide decals in color plus white, gold, and silver. I have a list of decals (see below) that I have on file, or I can create a custom decals to your specs. I can also alter the size of kit decals to fit downscaled or upscaled rockets.

Decals will be issued under the name 'Excelsior Rocketry' (Excelsior is the NY State Motto, and means "ever upward".... which I thought was was fitting for rockets....)

I have already printed some decals for TRF members, including Jim Flis' upscale Grissom.

The below list is constantly growing, and I will update it periodically. Let me know if you would like a particular decal that is not listed. (email me at [email protected]) I accept paypal, (I am a verified PAYPAL member at the above email address) and I look forward to working with you!!


Decals are $5.00 a sheet except * are $3.00 and ** are 8.00
Shipping is $4.00 per order via priority mail, up to 12 sheets

Akela 1
Astro 1

Advanced Target drone
Aerobee 300 *
Beta *
Big Bird Zero (125% upscale)
Blue Bird Zero
Camroc and Camroc Carrier *
Cherokee T (BT-5 based micro) *
Citation Patriot **
D-13 (Shrike, Constellation, etc.)
Dragonfly *
Drifter * includes vintage ESTES logos
Mach 2
Mars Lander
Mini Bertha
Nike X
Red Max
Renegade T (BT-5 based micro) *
SS Cassiopeia
Shrike circle logo
Wolverine *

Canaroc :
Green Hornet
Starfighter Scorpion **
Starship Antares **
Starcruiser Warlock **
Tornado 2

Dynamic Carrier

Great move!!

I have a sample of you work...haven't tried 'em yet...%$*&*%Little Joe II is using up all my building time!

A really cool set of Outlander decals that Estes should have made! They look great.

I just received my first sets from AstronBoy today - and I must say that I'm very, very pleased!!!!!!!

Thanks again for making the Advanced Target Drone and SS Cassiopiea decals on special request! (for those of you reading this, he made the ATD and Cassiopiea by request in about a day.)

The ATD just completed its build and balsa sealing today - heading out to prime now. Should have a completed rocket either tomorrow or Wednesday!

And everyone else reading - Where else can you get a Blue Bird Zero decal set without making them yourself?? No longer will I be chasing down a BB0 auction that winds up $50+ anyway.....

As far as the quality of decals: If any of you have ordered from Tango Papa, these are quite similar. Great color definition, the whole shebang!

Can everyone tell that I am pleased yet? :D
Quick question about ordering - should we Email you first for availability or do we just send payment and expect an order? :confused:
Excellent question!! :)

If you are ordering from the list, please feel free to simply pay via paypal or snailmail.

For custom work (including up or downscales), I would ask that people email me. If there are any questions or special requests, we can work it all out ahead of time.

Remember, if you do not see a decal that you want, please ask. I can usually draw kit decals in a couple of days.

Custom makes a BT-55 nosecone that is VERY close to the original PNC55-AO from the BB. Here is the link. Scroll down to parts, then nosecones. It is the 4th nosecone down.


Also, the Mean machine nosecone allows for a great E powered upscae. Here's a pic of mine:
Mine will be an E powered "clone" scale BB0! :D

If RSim is correct (and I laid it out correctly) it's still quite stable with the "E". Estimates about 1600' altitude.

(by the way, the static margin or stability caliber I get with an E engine loaded is 4.4)
Originally posted by Fore Check
If RSim is correct (and I laid it out correctly) it's still quite stable with the "E". Estimates about 1600' altitude.
Would you mind posting the Rsim file?

Originally posted by wyldbill
Would you mind posting the Rsim file?


I would if I could - I use the demo version, and you can't save files with it. You can create them, view them, etc. - but can't save them.
OOOh, cool.
what is the largest page size you can make for upscale decals? Will you take user files? What formats work best??
Another great question, thanks SwingWing!

ALPS printers use 8.5x11 paper. The print limit margin is .5" on each edge leaving a 7.5x10 maximum single print per page.

For a larger decal, the design can be split into parts and printed, then assembled on the model itself. Sort of a decal kit!! ;)

If you have 'camera ready' artwork, or just something I will ned to re-draw, I can accept jpeg, gif, tiff or pdf files. pdf and tiff are often the best if you are worried about keeping scale. A jpeg could work if you provide the dimensions to me to ensure the design is sized correctly.