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Dec 31, 2002
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Fellow TRFr's,

I have obtained the proverbial wildhair to start a new project, and will be needing some funding. To do this, I must part with a sizeable portion of my stash of kits.

Pictured is a group photo of the items I will post to ROL auctions.
My reserves are not very low, but they will be below retail on all of the auctions except 2...

pictures is a new in bag and never opened Aerotech 29/40-120 consumer casing.

Updated 7/13/04 The motor has been sold
I have used ROL suctions many times over the years, and my screen name is Hercules...

Here is the new never used Aerotech 24/40 consumer motor case...

Updated 7/13/04 The motor has been sold
I have lots of Estes kits, here is the 2-stage Renegade...

My audtions will run 7 days starting today, here is my Estes Night Wing. This rocket re-used the SR-71 Blackbird nosecone...before they re-released the SR-71 that is...

I will not be taking bids here on the Forum, I just wanted to give the TRFr's a shot at what I will be auctioning, and to fiel any questions you might have...

Yes, it is the Orbital Transport (re-release) and yes, it is new in bag and has never been opened.

Updated 7/13/04 The OT has been sold
This one is cool...it is the Estes Menace, or in other words, a cruise missile with an attitude...very nice!

This Estes group is a good deal, it is the Freedom models minus the Patriot. This includes the Python VI; BLU-97B; and the Paveway...

From my small Semroc collection, I have a Hydra VII. Not just any Hydra VII, this one is serial number 0009!! This kit is one of the exceptions, and the reserve will be @ the retail price.
From my Fliskits, comes the Richter Recker...what a beast!!

Update 7/14/04 The Richter recker has been sold
Up next is the Fliskits Nomad. This kit has been opened, but all parts are there...

Updated 7/14/04 The Nomad has been sold
The last item I am placing on the block is my Fliskits Tres...

This is the other exception, and once again the reserve will be set @ retail. The reason being, theis Tres is serial #06.

I came this close...>l<... to building it, but just couldn't do it.

Updated 7/13/04 The Tres has been sold
For everyone that bids on my auctions, I wish you luck. If anyone where to win multiple auctions, they would all ship in one one shipment, otherwise I ship priority mail, and shipping on all items will be $3.85.

see you at ROL, and remember my screen name is Hercules
I have posted all of the reserves on these items at their respective auctions at ROL. Some of the items have already hit their reserves.

Also on both of the Semroc kits, I have waived shipping like Semroc does...

Thanks for viewing.
Some of the more popular items have hit their reserves :D The ones that have not have been re-submitted:

All the Estes kits are re-submitted minus the Orbital Transport under the listing of "Estes Bonanza". The kits included are the Renegade, The Menace, The Screamin Mimi, Python IV, Paveway, the BLU-97B and the Night Wing.

Under "Fliskits Tri Motor Duo" are listed the Richter Recker and the Nomad. Both of which use three motors a flight...

New to the ROL auctions I have listed 12 pounds of the Sorbitol sweetner (which hit the reserve quickly) and a very nice 29/180-240 motor set. The motor set comes with a plugged closure for use with electronics. The motor set is from the "Desert Fire" collection...

The re-list of the Estes Bonanza and the Fliskits Tri Moto duo are listed with lower reserves.

Still available are the Semroc Hydra VII 0009 serial numbered kit, as well as the Fliskits Tres serial number 06. Neither has hit my reserve, which if you remember is set at retail.

Updated 7/13/04 The Tres and the Sorbitol have been sold

Updated 7/14/04 The Fliskits Tri Motor Trio Has been sold

uPDATE 7/16/04 29/180-240 Has been sold

The Estes Bonanza has sold
My goodness, what could I possibly be cleaning all of my rocket goodies out for????????? :D

I just listed 4 new items at the ROL auctions:

1) 4" used LOC nosecone
2) 4" used PML nosecone
3) (3) packages of ACME launch lugs
76mm rocket / .5" rod (1/2")
2.26 rocket / .375" rod (3/8") note: these will not fit with the ACME fincan
54mm rocket / .25" rod (1/4")

4) and lastly, I have posted some 29mm FWFG tubes for EX use. These fit 29mm motor mounts, and are 10.5" long on average. There (52) total tubes. These will make nice singleuse H motors.

I will get some pics posted soon

These are NO RESERVE auctions, so buy away.

Everything on this post has sold
Here is an off center pic of the LOC cone...so sorry!

Three ACME launch lugs, and I believe the lugs that fir the 2.26" rocket with the 3/8" rod will work with the ACME fin can...

Update 7/16/04 These lugs are sold
...and the (52) 29mm motor tubes...

NOTE: these are not 29mm motor mount tubes, these are MOTOR tubes for singleuse motor making...

Update 7/16/04 These tubes have sold
Still available is this beautiful Dr Rockets "Desert Fire" 29mm motor set for HPR use...

Updated 7/14/04 The Desert Fire has been sold
I was kinda surprized that my low serial numbered kits did not do any better than they did on the ROL auctions, so here goes one last try...

To the TRFers who are die hard Fliskit fans and Semroc fans...I have a Fliskits Tres serial number #06 , and a Semroc Hydra VII serial number #0009 ...there are no lower serial numbers for sale around any where. (period!)

I am offering these kits at retail!!!:eek: If you can show me where you can buy these kits for less than that so be it, I will pull these kits back and give them to my great grandkids...

a #6 and a #9...from two of the best rocket kit mfg modern day rocketry has ever known...

Updated 7/13/04 Only the Hydra VII is left
1st come 1st served...

Fliskits Tres s/n #06 $25.00 + $3.85 priority mail

Semroc Hydra VII s/n #0009 $25.00 + $3.85 priority mail

This is not being listed on the ROL auctions, this is for TRF ONLY!!:D

I can be PM'd or emailed...

Updated 7/13/04 Only theHydra VII is left
Sorry man, I just ordered a Tres yesterday.

I've got bids in on the LOC cone and the Estes kits.
The kits may not reach their reserve. If not, PM before you relist them. I'd like to at least get the Nightwing.


Thats alright slim_t, I sure do appreciate your bids, I'm sure the items will get put to some good use once you win them. I've got more coming...:cool:

check this out

The Estes V2. The big one at that. I had plans on turning this one into the Canadian X-Prize contender, but I see that Estes is releasing the X-Prize collection anyways.

It is opened because I just had to play with the parts...This is one of "I'll get to it one of these days" projects...

Updated 7/13/04 The V2 has been sold
Here is a pic of the contents, and yes, everything is gaurenteed to be there...you'll notice I have not even broke any plastic out of the tail cone.

Updated 7/13/04 The V2 has been sold
Opened too is the Estes Outlander...I'm sorry man, I just do not have the patients for that many parts...there is something to be said for a 3FNC rocket.

Seriously though, this is a nice one that I just do not have the time to build.
The Estes Phoenix...un-opened :D

Some great kits will be on the auction block tonight...