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Advertisement: Clip-Whips

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Jan 25, 2004
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Hi! I have decided to start making and selling my own custom clip-whips for any sized cluster. If you would like to order some, p.m. me with what size your cluster is and I will give you a price. I will also tell you what they are made out of, they are currently in my garage and I can't go out their rite now. I used them on my Deuce's Wild and it launched everytime. Also, if you would like pictures of them just let me know. I can make as many as you want, for any size cluster! Thanks and be sure to let me know if you want any!
also, MarvSRG has used my clip-whips and the lighted his off everytime. (he said i could use his name lol)
Kudos to those clip whips...great quality and helped out great on wiring for my clusters (I'm an old-fashioned wire twister). Buy 'em!