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Jan 18, 2009
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I've been in the process of clearing out a bunch of kits and stuff. Finally got a list of kits up on the website. Bunch of Quest, Custom and OOP MPC kits at what I think are good prices. If you disagree, make me an offer.

Click on the SPECIALS button on the webstore page at East Coast Rocketry.Info - https://www.eastcoast-rocketry.info

Dale Windsor
So I'm confused and I want the right catagories on EMRR....

Is LawnDart and/or Cognis OOP or not?

Confusing isn't it. <g>

LawnDart Rocketry kits are not OOP. Last year was a rough one for me and production fell to almost zero. The uprated clone kits will be gone after inventory is exhausted (per my agreement with Estes). The core kits (Nike Smoke, SLAT/s, and MIRV Gryphon) will stay in production with some modifications and new kits will be slowly making their way to market.

Cognis Aerospace kits by LawnDart Rocketry will be OOP after my inventory is gone. But I haven't heard anything from Neville, so he may still be producing kits in Australia.

More British SpaceCraft kits will be making it to market. Paul is working on a Bomarc and a Natter kit to go along with his V-2, X-15A-2 and X-15-3 Delta kits.

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