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Jan 9, 2004
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Hey all,

I was wondering if anyone wanted to do a group buy of the new Aerosleeve product.


I'm looking at getting about 4 yards of the 2.5" carbon fiber sleeve. Is there anyone else that would be interested in buying that diameter or others. Over 5 yards and we can get a little discount.

Just wondering.

in the kevlar/cf blend...
but i'm flexible...
gonna be a week or two b4 i have much cash...
i've been a bad boy
So far people from all over the country have been using Aerosleeves with great success. Here is what they have been saying:

This is a wonderful product at a great price. It is a neat way to strengthen air frames at a reasonable price. Thank you for providing this unique item!
- Steve Armstrong

Unimprovable customer service, and superb product. Using Aeropoxy, the strength and ease of use of the sleeving I bought surpassed my wildest dreams. I couldn't possibly be more satisfied.
- Paul R. Yarnold, Ph.D.

Great product and value compared to buying pre made tubing at 50.00 per foot.
- Anonymous Customer

I ordered my aerosleeves on Saturday and they arrived Monday from half-way across the country. What great service!
- Rocky Eckhardt

So don't wait. Try Aerosleeves today. With prices starting a $9.45 for fiberglass sleeves, and $13.75 for carbon fiber these prices can't be beat.

In additon to our already slashed prices, save an *additional* 5% off any Aerosleeves products through this link

We're also offering sponsorship for extreme, speed or altitude projects. Contact us for more details.

The leader in High Performance Composite Sleeves - Aerosleeves

Nick Anderson
Aerosleeves - Just add epoxy