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Jun 18, 2003
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Ok, I lied in the subject. Their not free, you pay the shipping!!!!

I have 4 of these x-chutes that I got off ebay when I was first starting to get into rockets. I would bid on anything with the word rocket in it. I have never used these.

They are;

26" wide
8" across
2.4 ozs

The first 4 people who get me the shipping costs gets them. I will take person check, money order or paypal. If you use paypal, just add the 3% surcharge as I would like to not lose anymore money than I have.

soooooo, anyone interested?
Well, that should be it..... Bowhunter got one, r1dermon got one and I think the payment for the 3rd is on the way.......

WOW, I had 10 email and PMs in the last 3 minutes..... You would think that things were being given away for free!!!!

Oh wait, they were free........ :D
ALL Done......... payment for the last one has been received..... jetra2 is 4th customer....
3 Chute went in the mail today. It should only be about 2 days they said........
i got mine today...looks great. especially since it was free!!!. muhahahaha. thanks a bunch