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May 25, 2002
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The purpose of this notice is to gauge interest only at present.

Perhaps 10 years ago there was a monthly high quality magazine called Rocketry Collectors Journal which was available on a monthly subscription basis.....

For those of you who are interested in various aspects of the history of Model Rocketry, myself and several others are in the process of trying to make this RCJ back available once again to people......

listed below are the contents of the 13 issues of the RCJ.....

If you think you might be interested in acquiring a complete 13 issue set of this collectors idea, please reply here....

Prices aren't know at this time and will be published here as soon as it is known.....

There is also a possibility that future new issues may be issued as we try to save our Model Rocketry history for future generations

Issue #1

Collector Catalogs
Rocketry Collectibles
Before Estes
Collecting Rocket Catalogs
Preserving and Storage Methods
Postal Auctions

Issue #2:

Documenting the Old Kits
Information Please (United Pyrotechnics)
Irv Wait and the Rocket Development Corporation (RDC) - started in 1961.
This company was started by Irving S. Wait which lead to the development of
the Enerjet motor.
A Seriously Devoted Collector's Guide to the Various Editions of Estes
Industries Sales Catalogs, the First Ten Years, 1960-1969 (Part 1)
(in-depth look into all pre-Damon catalogs)
The most in-depth look into the different editions of all catalogs Estes ever
published through 1969.
Deciphering Old Estes Plans
Model Rocket News (Publication Lists - 1981-1994)

Issue #3

The Journal of the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) - started in 1958
The Association started by G. Harry Stine. Originally called Model Missile
Estes Model Rocket News (Update listing)
Information Please (Rarity of Model Rocket Publications)
A Seriously Devoted Collector's Guide to the Various Editions of Estes
Industries Sales Catalogs, the First Ten Years, 1960-1969 (Part 2)
NARAM Memorabilia (Program booklets)

Issue #4

Water Rockets of the 50’s (Alpha-1 Ballistic Missile from Scientific Products
Company and others)
The transitional product to the “true” model rocket. These rockets used water
and citric acid/bicarbonate of soda for fuel. Can be traced as far back as the
late 40’s.
Rocketry Posters (How and What to Collect)
NARAM 37 Auction Report (July 26, 1995)
NAR Milestones (1957-1967)

Issue #5

hi-craft company (An Unknown Pioneer Model Rocket Manufacturer - 1958)
Estes of Yesteryear 1971 (Estes’ Pinnacle of Glory)
Characterizing Your Collection
Water Rocket (The Mark III Interceptor Missile by Aurora)

Issue #6

An Obscure Model Rocket Company - Advanced Model Rocket Systems (AMROCS)
- started in 1965
Offered 5 kits, catalog and an accelerometer that measured G-stress.
Nostalgia Sale of 1978 (Sponsored by Centuri)

Issue #7

Space Age Industries (SAI) - started in 1970
Took over AMROCS and introduced several new kits.

Issue #8

Lercari Engineering - electronics in model rocketry - started in 1971
Developed automatic countdown and ignition systems, motorized multilaunchers, 4
kits and catalog.
Nostalgia Sale of 1980

Issue #9

Semroc Astronautics Corporation - started in 1969 (Part 1)
Offered a large selection of motors, including 3/4 D and D6, and 6 kits.

Issue #10

Semroc Astronautics Corporation (Part 2)

Issue #11

Bo-Mar Development Company, Inc. - started in 1968
Offered catalog, 7 kits, launcher and supplies.
AMSCO Industries (Water Rockets)
Centuri Pro-Line kits
Six boxed kits with great graphics was introduced in 1972 and included:
Mach-10, Quasar, Orion,
Space Shutle, Long Tom and Laser-X.
Estes Events (1958-1997)
A Collectors Guide to Centuri and Estes Model Rocket Catalogs
A Collectors Guide to Estes Model Rocket News Magazine

Issue #12

Model Missiles, Inc. (MMI) History - G. Harry Stine’s company - started in
A history of the company. The very first production model rocket company.
Developed the Aerobee-Hi and Arcon kits and used Rock-A-Chute motors developed
by Orville Carlisle. Catalog and literature.
Model Missiles-Aerobee-Hi
Model Missiles-Literature/Kits
Model Missiles-Literature/Tower
Model Missiles-Denver 4, CO
Estes Denver Literature

Issue #13
Model Missiles, Inc. (MMI) (Motors and Literature)
I recently sold my 13 issue set.
Very nicely printed.
A *must* for collectors of that sort of thing.
Chock full of information that hardly anyone ever heard of.

shockwaveriderz -I'd be interested in purchasing a set if the price was reasonable - keep us posted
Here's the info to get your own collection. This is forwarded from a post by Larry Rice on the OldRockets list.

Danny Sagstetter was finally able to access his Juno account
(they had to send him a new XP disc). And called me this morning
prices for everyone. A complete set of ROCKETEER COLLECTOR's JOUR-
NAL's (13 issues plus membership lists as they evolved and other
stuff) is $60.00 post paid (includes postage). Indiviual issues
are $5.00 (includes postage). Please send a money order unless you
want to wait for the check to clear.
Danny also told me that the _hard copy_ of Issue # 14 STILL EXISTS.
This was to have been a sixteen page issue on the Jetex rockets and
airplanes, and the Jetex motors. Danny lost all of Issue # 14 that
he had keyed in to his stolen computer. So he justs needs to re-key
the issue into another computer.
Danny is unsure on how at least Issue # 14 will appear. He will
either submit it to SPORT ROCKETRY. Or have it printed in another
way separately. There's even hope that the articles from the incom-
plete Issue # 15 can be salvaged (including mine, but I did find my
noted from my interviews a few days ago 8) ). Danny or I will let
you know about future issues. In the mean time, run for the store
and get out those money odders for $60.00.
And send them to :
c/o Danny Sagstetter
2261 Warrensburg Road
Delaware, OH 43015

Larry Rice- Columbus, OH
NAR # 33323
Would anyone know if Danny is still selling a collection of the Rocketeers Collection Journal - I would love to buy this collection
Originally posted by jpasqual
Would anyone know if Danny is still selling a collection of the Rocketeers Collection Journal - I would love to buy this collection

After a little research- I was able to track Danny Down. For anyone else that is interested - Here is his reply

I have all thirteen issues of The Rocketeer Collector's Journal. They sell for $65.00 postage paid within the Continental United States. Money order only and can be sent to:

Danny Sagstetter
2261 Warrensburg Road
Columbus, Ohio 43015

I'm getting my M.O together this week and follow up when I get them
Nice going fellows...a guy trying to make a buck and provide a service and you shoot him down before he even gets started by listing a possible competitor. Gheesh...with friends like that....
Friendship has nothing to do with it. This is capitalism working quite nicely, thank you.

To imply anyone has done anything wrong misses the point, this has actually PROVEN to the original poster that there is a market and people will pay money. He even has a proven price point, lots of VERY useful info from a commerce standpoint.

As for friendship, I think confirming this information has been done in a polite, friendly way. You should expect to be treated fairly around here, but not differentially to the way everything works in the real world.

Polite, but honest and informative. Go team.
I'm not going to get into a "tit-for-tat"...it's self evident what happend...the thread got sidetracked as to what he wanted...just info. Although there was nothing wrong by listing the other folks with similar products, it would have been a little more sensitive to the original poster to have just said contact me for the other address or something. I know, I know, strong survive...capitilism...yada-yada...still don't excuse you for not being human.

Now, I don't feel anyone did it on purpose...they were just repsonding like people do...rocket people are good folk, for the most part, and wouldn't do anything on purpose to hurt someone. Perhaps I needed to make my original post not so heavy handed

Thanks for the reality check JBeau....not that I needed the speech on economics. I'm as American as apple pie, but capitalism has some failings..but we won't get into that here.

Happy Flights
From a recent communication with Dan he still has sets available.