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Advertisement: ACHTUNG!! Excelsior Rocketry releases the Retro-Bash GOONY MAX

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Sep 11, 2002
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Q: Vot happens ven you shpend all vinter building rockets in der basement?

A: You get GOONY!!

Excelsior announces the newest in the Retro-Bash Decal-N-Design series:


The GOONY MAX is a super twisted turn on an older favorite. Who ever said that a wacky design could not get any GOONY-er? The design is familiar, but the wording has been changed to protect the GOONY!!

The GOONY MAX is based on the Baby Bertha kit. All you need to add is the GOONY MAX fins, the GOONY MAX decals, and you are off. Like all Retro Bash sets, the GOONY MAX contains decals, instructions, and fin patterns to build from a Baby Bertha kit that you supply yourself.

All of this for the low, low price of $5.00 plus postage.

For a hogher res pictureof this design, and ordering details, please see the Excelsior Rocketry website:


BUT: THATS NOT ALL!! Fore Check has already built and decaled a beta test of the GOONY MAX. Click below for the TRF thread with pictures of the rocket:


And, don't worry kids, the GOONY is not all gone...... There is plenty more where this came from......