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Advertisement: A Real Yard Sale in Atlanta

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Jan 18, 2009
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Sunday, January 2nd starting at noon and lasting until 5:00pm. The very last Windsor Rocketry Garage Sale.

What’s for sale? Practically everything related to rocketry (keeping the RCRG, EX and FAI related stuff).

Most of the models are already built (though there are some kits). Some need paint, some need TLC, some need repair - Modrocs, mid power and high power.
29mm, 38mm and 54mm hardware and reloads. Lots of 13mm, 18mm and 24mm BP motors. Lots of OOP/collectible motors also.

Hybrid stuff available also. Hypertek, ProPoly and RattWorks motors and reloads all brand spanking new. Also a 20lb nitrous tank (at least half-full) with Pratt Hobbies GSE.

Also a Delta mid-lathe with bed extension, Craftsman floor stand drill press, and Craftsman portable table saw.

Asking prices will range from reasonable to cheap. No reasonable offers will be turned down. Onsite financing will be available. We take cash, checks, PayPal, but no small animals or children.

So if you are in the Northern Atlanta area during the New Year’s weekend, drop by (e-mail me for directions), have a little chat, have a look and buy, buy, buy. I hate to think what will happen to the items left over (sniff).

Dale Windsor
VP, SoAR Inc - https://www.soar571.com
past prefect, TripoliAtlanta - https://www.tripoliatlanta.org
past proprietor, LawnDart Rocketry - RIP
Hope some of you southern TRFers score some serious loot. I'd be there if it were here. (Now, did Hospital make a bid for the entire lot? ;))
Originally posted by rstaff3
(Now, did Hospital make a bid for the entire lot? ;))

That's my bet..... Next we'll see post from Hospital with ALL this new stuff!!!!!!!
oh man, i'll be at the pats game, anything left over, you MUST post online. as i would be interested in some 38mm models. muahahahahaha.

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