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Advertisement: 80/20 Rails for Rocket Launch Frames

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Nov 11, 2004
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Hello Rocketeers:

I would like to introduce our new division of 80/20 Inc to all of you rocketeers. We are 80/20 Surplus and we sell 2nd hand t-slotted aluminum extrusions, joining plates, and accessories at a significant cost savings for the do-it-yourself folks on E-Bay.

The items we carry are mostly cosmetically blemished or scratched yet structurally sound. You can make practically build anything out of our product line: jigs, fixtures, guards, frames, prototypes, etc. Click here to see how some other rocketeers have used our product for the rocket launch frame and rails:


Check us out by going to www.8020.net and click on the Garage Sale icon at the bottom of the main page.

Look us over and if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you. We look forward to serving you soon.
Thanks for posting this, Tim! The one question I have for you is that, in looking at your auctions, your listing of functionality and appearance may be different than what meets our needs. For example, a scratch on the inside edge of where the T-slot would fit may be a slight appearance flaw for you with no structural integrity issues, it could be a serious functionality flaw for us, as a rocket could bind up on that scratch if it's serious enough or located in the right place. I guess I'm just asking if you've considered that when you determine what is a functionality issue and what is an appearance issue.
Thank you, KermieD, for your reply and you bring up a good valid point. Most of our extrusions have a cosmetic blemish and very few major scratches on them. However, from time to time we do come across them. All you need to do is go to our auction and if you see something you want, then you can e-mail me to find out more details about it if it is not stated already. Also, let us know what size of rails, accessories, etc. you folks would use or need for your applications. I would like to learn as much as possible on what you rocketeers would use or require. We will make every attempt to assist you in your needs as much as possible. I feel you will see after you get some of our material that you will be pleased with it and what you can do with it. Again, thanks. We look forward to working with you and other rocketeers alike.
Well, if you want to know the most common use of rails in rocketry, check out railbutons.com.

We mostly use them as launch rails with the buttons to guide the rocket until it is going fast enough to be stable. Although, I think that you may be able to make a modular launch pad out of this stuff as well or maybe even a launch tower.

I also want to mention that I contacted Tim (through eBay "ask the seller a question") about one of his 97" (just over 8ft) 1010 rails. Aside from giving me the requested shipping information, he offered to cut the rail in half for free which would drop the cost of shipping to almost 1/3 the cost of shipping it in the uncut length (due to UPS' oversize fee). Very cool!

BTW, does anyone know the limits of what the max size of shipping something via UPS wihtout having to incur the oversize fee is? (It would be nice to maybe have that 8ft rail cut into 6ft & 2ft pieces instead...) Thanks!
Originally posted by lalligood

BTW, does anyone know the limits of what the max size of shipping something via UPS wihtout having to incur the oversize fee is? (It would be nice to maybe have that 8ft rail cut into 6ft & 2ft pieces instead...) Thanks!
IIRC they have a max of 72" and charge 5 bux xtra handling for over 60"
don't forget the 10/10 rail has four useable sides,, a scratch or blemish along one or two grooves wouldn't matter anyway...sounds like a good option
I just received my 97" pieces of 1010 and 1515 launch rails today. They arrived in great shape, well packaged. I too emailled them first to ask about scratches and deformities in the groove and he assured me that they meet all of the specifications listed in the catalog.

The 1515 rail looks brand new, I can't see anything wrong with it, the 1010 does have some minor scratches on it. Both are perfectly straight and have 4 good grooves each!

They have great communication after the sale, sent me emails for order confirmation, total invoice, shipping with tracking number and a follow up after I received them.

I asked them to cut them in half to save on shipping but they arrived full length. They only charged me the lesser shipping charge. That works for me! I really wanted them full length anyway.

Total cost: $66.40 delivered to my door.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with 80/20 or 80/20 Garage sale. I'm just a happy customer and wanted to pass along my experience with them.

I just ordered a 96" length of 1515 through the garage sale as well... GREAT service, e-mail dialog the whole way through, and I can't wait to get the rail so I can start on the pad... probably break it in with some sort of 4700 Ns L motor...

Thanks Tim and 80/20!
Thanks Tim! Sounds like there is a lot of interest out there.
Can you or Dave please tell me what size is most applicable for our high power use? The 1010 or 1015? What's the difference?
Thanks, - Peter
We have sold quite a few 1010 profiles, however you would need to check with other fellow rocketeers to see what size they are using. Alot of times, we do not know where the product is used due to folks having some "unique" user names which make it a challenge to identify them.

By the way, a 1010 is a 1" x 1" extrusion. We do not have a 1015. We carry a 1515 which is a 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" extrusion. I hope this helps answer your question, Peter.


Tim Cain
1010 is for small rail buttons 1515 is for large rail buttons.
I ordered a 1010 96in rail two weeks ago and had it in time for xmas and it was exelent!
try railbuttons.com for more info.

Steve M.:)
1010 is used for rockets using the smaller rail buttons. 1515 is used for the larger rail buttons. If you got a 1015 you could use both size rail buttons but I have not seen anyone do this.

I got some 1010 from my local 8020 dealer in Tucson and paid 20 bucks more then these guys. And I had to drive 75 miles one way to get it. This looks like it could be a good deal.