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Advertisement: 7 G80-10T Aerotech Engines

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Aug 14, 2001
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I used to do this, I hope some peopel stil remember me on here. Well, god bless america.

Price: I dont have a price and cant think of any so offer reasonably.


PS. The 1 Smaller Aerotech is a E. I have to get the # but thats for sale as well.
How old are these motors? Also, shipping regulations may prevent you from selling these.
I dont see how shipping would prevent me as they were shipped to me?

They are no more than 2 months old. Seem fine.
I meant you shipping them without a DOT license or something. I'd do a search for shipping motors on here, then inquire at the post office. It may be HazMat. How much are you asking? G80s sell retail for around $20.
Well give me an offer.

The more you buy the cheaper I can for each. If you buy all 7 I'll throw in my remaining igniters for them. :)
Sounds fine.

Paypal or Money Order?

I'll throw in the E and the igniters man, thanx again! I hope you enjoy them.
are you sure you can ship these? i'd rather go COD. like, you ship them, then i give the shipping company the money. i dont trust paypal or anything else.
Sure sounds fine, I've never shipped COD before. I just go to USPS or like Fed ex and ask to do a COD, and then thats it?
good luck with that. there not even in the original factory packaging with the regulatory markings intact.
Well last rocket meet I was planning on launching all of them but it was rained out.
im sorry man. i dont want to get in trouble, i dont want to get you in trouble, i just dont know how legit this would be. i've never purchased motors(especially G's) from any private party. only vendors, online outlets and retail stores. i was just throwing 120 dollars out there, but you can consider me uninterested. sorry dude. as much as i'd love 7 G80's for a SICK price, i just want to be safe than sorry.
Here dude i'll ship them to you, you check them out tell me there good if you give me your word. Then you can pay me after.
if you can get a hazmat permission thingy and clear it all up and make sure its all gravy, then i'll take a look. as long as the price is 120 dollars shipped. no more. so, lets calculate this out, standard shipping is like...8 bucks, plus a 20 dollar hazmat(which WILL be needed), deduct those thats 28 off of 120 thats 92 dollars, now deduct shipping materials, box, package peanuts, etc... and thats probably 5 bucks, depending on what you use to stuff the box. so now thats 87 dollars for 7 G80's and 1 E30, thats 7x20 and 1x11, thats 151 dollars, that you are shipping to me for 87 dollars, thats a loss to you of 64 dollars....can you see my logic? i know that i personally would never ship away motors (or anything) for a loss to me of 64 dollars. 64 dollars is a lot of money. you could go to a local launch and shoot them off, or you could sell them at that local launch. or you could sell them on EBAY, and on EBAY, you would NEVER take a hit of 64 dollars. however, if you're hell bent on loosing 64 dollars, then PM me and i'll take a look at em.
Seriously man, Im a high school student with no job so every dollar counts for gas for my car. 64 bux is better than none.
ok, PM me, i dont need 7 of these things, so at the price that you've quoted me, i'll take 5, thats 87 dollars for 8 motors, thats almost 11 dollars a motor, and i'll take 5 G80's and that E30, and i'll give you 70 bucks. send them to me and i'll mail the check to the senders address. im legit, people on these boards know me, nothing to worry about. that is, if you're willing to sell 5+the E30. oh, i probably sound greedy asking this, but do you have the igniters that came with the motors?
Hey guys, these things can be shipped, however, you should have a supplier's license to do do.

Also, the G80 cannot be shipped air. It must go ground and must be properly marked as a Toy Propellant Device (or something like that)

Be cautious as the fines related to this can get right up there, real fast.

i think if you ask for hazmat at the ups store, then they will ask you what you're shipping and then put a sticker on it and charge 20 extra bucks. not sure though, and i definately dont want to get in trouble, cause the store not 10 miles from here has about 10 G80's(granted full price) but they aren't as cheap as this.
5 G's and the E have been shipped.
Everything went fine, no problems. No fee, just let them know ahead of time.
dancedj came through big time...i would recommend buying from him any day...since there's no buyer feedback thing here, i have to give him an A+ first of all because he trusted me to send the check, and second of all because the shipping was WELL packed and everything was there. i also liked the fact that the "E" turned out to be an F50...not too shabby if i must say so.... anyway, thats my feedback. thanks dancedj for the super price and quality shipping.;)
My laziness pays off for your gain hehe, I thought it was an E by looking. Guess it wasnt, have fun !