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Advertisement: 2MP Digital Cam for sale

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Apr 2, 2003
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I'm selling my Aiptek Pocketcam X, the reason being is that I got another camera. It includes the camera, a HP 64mb Secure Digital memory card, the tripod, the USB cord, instruction manual, software, and carrying pouch all in the original box. It is very similar to the Sony U30. It is slightly used but still in very good condition. I'll be putting it up for auction if no one is interested here, but first I wanted to see if any fellow forum members would care to buy it. Price is negotiable. Attached is a sample picture in 2MP mode. Please feel free to PM me for any inquires. Aiptek
Price, please?

Oh no, are Blue and I going to get in a bidding war over this???:D ;) :)
As of now the camera is up for auction on RocketryOnline.com in the electronics section.