Adventures in Glider trimming

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Jul 6, 2003
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After completing construction on an Edmonds Deltie, I began trimming and I've gotten the Deltie to a point of acceptability. The I decided to have fun and trim all of the foam Fun Rockets (Holverson Design) gliders I had. The Zoomie and Silver Hawk went on without a hitch. The foam Swinger (of Death) had its nose cone snapped off on the first test flight. It's incredibly nose heavy out of the box, (glider is RTF) and I'm not sure that it could conceivably fly at all. Of course the styrofoam parts DO bring durability and quality into question, but I thought I'd ask anyway if anyone been able to trim this glider to a point where it could glide harmlessly?

By the way, if you've never built a glider, my advice is to do so! :)