Adhesive for Hobby Lobby Easter Egg?

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Feb 11, 2013
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I have a set of the big nesting Hobby Lobby Easter Eggs, and I want to turn one into a nose cone. Does anyone have a suggestion for what kind of adhesive to use on this kind of plastic? Does anyone know what kind of plastic this is?

I have some white gorilla glue, but it is not recommended for polyethylene or polypropylene. My epoxy has gone bad, so I can't test that without buying more.

I'm also using foam board for this build, so an adhesive that works for both this plastic egg and foam board would be good.

Used plenty of various plastic Easter Eggs for lots of Odd-Rocs and nose cones over the years. Just about every one was used with a spent motor casing or Standard size coupling as the "shoulder" All sizes from "Legs Eggs" a 6" Polyproplyene HUGE D12 clustered Egg.

When in doubt about Material to Material bonding I almost always go with 5 or 30 minute Devcon 2 part epoxy. To this day have never had a mis-matched set of materials seperate after Devcon epoxy application.

Ps: Thirsty! Recently updated (11-16) my Narhams Tech-Tip article on "Working With Plastics" Tech Tip-017. If you'll visit website on the left hand menu click on Library then look for Tech-Tips. Working with plastics is an in depth report on the many types of plastics and the adhesives that work with them in a 12 page free download that might be of interest. There is an optional photos pages also that might help identify some of the stranger stuff;)
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