Adept Altimeter holes

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Dec 30, 2003
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In adepts manual, they suggest using a 1/4" hole per 100in^3 of volume. Now, my altimeter bay is 3" x 8" so...

3*pi*8 = 75in^3

Would a 1/4" hole be sufficient, or multiple smaller holes?
call me stupid but I would have determined your altimeter bay to be 8 x pi x 3^2 (since cross sectional area is pi x r^2)

which works out to be 226in^3 so I reckon you need at least 2 depending on teh volume of the altimeter. would actually be (3/2)^2*pi*8

because pi*r^2 is area.....comes out to be 57 In^3...or Im doing some real big mistake in my math here.
Do not make me come there and teach you guys simple arithmatic!!:D

3.1416 times (3/2)times (3/2) times 8 equals 56.5488 cu inches

yes a 1/4" hole is plenty big enough!