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Additive Aerospace
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Nov 21, 2011
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Hi Everyone!

Additive Aerospace has had a great year creating new and innovative rocketry products.

I'd like to say thanks to the rocketry community by having the largest Black Friday sale I've ever offered.


These are the lowest prices I've offered for the vast majority of my products, ever.

Additionally, I've finally released the new Mobius 2 video camera shroud just in time for the sale.

A sincere thank you to everyone who has helped me take my little side project and turn it into Additive Aerospace!

Great stuff! My wallet was screaming for mercy, but I just needed those fly-away rail guides!
Thank you for the kind words!

Only a day and a half left if you haven't placed an order yet!
No Problem!

Only 3 hours left for the procrastinators!

I'd like to sincerely thank everyone who has placed an order this year. It's been a pleasure printing for you all, and I look forward to seeing lots of fly away guides and Additive Aerospace stickers at this year's launches!

Got my rail guides today. They look very nice, definitely high quality stuff! I look forward to using them!