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Jan 18, 2009
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Note to self:

DON'T use Future over acrylic paint without a coat of something like dullcote between - the Future will attack the acrylic and smears the darker colors over the lighter. I believe enough Future would actually strip all the acrylic paint off.

Just a warning - but it's OK - the rocket still doesn't look bad and even us BARs are still learning and/or relearning new methods and techniques. Each mistake just puts us one step closer to that beautifully finished rocket! :cool:

I don't doubt what you've experienced, but I and many others have had great success with using Future over various acrylic paints. I've put Future right on top of craft-type acrylics, tube acrylics, Tamiya "modellers" acrylic and house paint - and have not had any problems with the paints I've used.

What particular acrylic are you using? How are you applying the Future (brush, spray, etc...) and how long do you wait for the color coat to dry beforehand

I was using the inexpensive "Apple Barrel" type paints (not always AB, but the same type of paint). I was applying the Future by foam brush, and the acrylic paint had dried at least over night.

Not really a big deal - as I said, we live and learn. I can put a coat of dullcote over the acrylic before applying the future for a nice gloss sheen and it should work just fine.

I, too, have used the Apple Barrel paints. I think maybe the difference is that I airbrush everything, so a brush isn't dragged over the surface. Anyway, it's good to know that there's a difference to pay attention too - thanks!
Originally posted by gpoehlein
I was applying the Future by foam brush, and the acrylic paint had dried at least over night.
Trust me, "overnight" is not enough dry time. I usually give it 2 to 3 days before I apply Future, to ANY type of color coat. Be it acrylic or enamel or, whatever.
I've had Future lift acrylic paint completely off. Now I give acrylics a week before coating with future. Also, as mentioned, it's safer to airbrush Future if you can. Thick coats attack the paint below.
Drew Tomko