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Jan 18, 2009
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What is the best way to repair/replace the toothpick that prevents the NC from rotating? Mine broke off during recovery yesterday, and with the clay there and the epoxy around the orginal, the "mess it up" potential is high. Any tips/hints/experience to be shared? And should I use something more substantial for replacement?
I just pulled the clay out, ground out the toothpick remains with a Dremel, and put in a new toothpick. I did have to shave down the toothpick a little to make it approximate the same shape as the original, but it fit well.


Is this a regular problem? I haven't glued mine in yet. Maybe I'll use a finishing nail instead.
well, being just a toothpick, and sticking out like it does, it *is* subject to breaking. To replace it, depending on how it is glued in, you could just use your razor knife to lightly score the inside of the body tube on either side of the toothpick then pull the toothpick out with a thin layer of body tube paper.

I glue mine in with a small drop of white glue only. For the most part, the toothpick is not subject to any great stresses so I've never bothered using epoxy (or even filets for that matter)


...i looked at that question and thought..."how can you not know it's broken, who IS this guy???"


Took me a moment, but I got it... not getting enough sleep, that is clear! LOL