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Feb 11, 2011
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50% off Accur8 Skin and Fin kits...With a catch

I am making a Special ongoing offer until at least the end of September 2017 (I may extend it) to all Forum participants. Check out my eBay Store at Accur8 Spacemodels, make a list of what you want, send it to me and I will return a PayPal invoice to you for payment.

And the offer is... With one "Catch" (see next) No matter how many of my skin kits or Mercury fin kits you order, they are half their regular price as listed on eBay with free shipping (my choice of shipping...typically USPS 1st Class).

THE CATCH... You pay full price for the highest listed item on your list and no matter how many additional items you add, they are all half price.

Exclusions... Built up model offerings are not part of the deal (though fee free to make separate offers!)

How to respond:
Simply send me an email to [email protected], mention you saw this offer on this forum, and I will tally up your order and send you a PayPal Invoice for payment. Pay within 48 hours and I will process and ship your order (generally within 5 business days of payment, depending on stock and day of the week). If you change your mind, let me know and I will cancel up until the item ships. Will automatically cancel order if not paid/contacted within 48 hours.

Don't try to "loophole" me! If you don't understand anything, please drop me a note with your order (or before you order)

Want Just One Item?... Well, That would be 40% off and you pay postage (generally $3-4)

DON'T ORDER by reply to this forum post (though feel free to comment!)...respond directly through my email.

Of Interest to you scale guys

Mercury Redstone Super Detailed Skin kit for Estes Mercury Redstone
Mercury Redstone Molded fins for Estes Mercury Redstone
Little Joe II Skin kit for Estes Little Joe II
Gemini Titan Skin kits
for BT-80, BT-70, and BT-60 size models - Includes basic suggest instructions, patterns and parts list for "build from scratch"

John Pursley
Accur8 Spacemodels
[email protected]