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Old Rocket Guy
Feb 11, 2011
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Thanks so much to those of you who made my Accur8 Labor Day Sale on eBay a success. I received a number of emails from folks who missed it so I decided to give it another "GO" for the next two days, Sunday and Monday September 10-11. It ends tomorrow evening (Monday) at midnight, folks!

Just visit my eBay store at Accur8 Spacemodels

If you want to purchase multiple items, just put them in the eBay shopping cart and ask for an invoice to get the best rate on shipping...or you can put them in your shopping cart and simply pay...I tend to put a little bonus in with orders that overpay on postage (don't tell anyone).

OR, make out a shopping list of the items you want and email it to me at [email protected] and I will create a PayPal invoice and send it to you.

SO...if you missed out on last week's sale, I'm basically repeating it for the next two days.

John Pursley
I got a notification from eBay that the Mercury Redstone fins and roll pattern skin I was watching was half off so I bought it. Now I just need to buy a Redstone kit to put them on.:)
I do have one question so far, I purchased the skin and fin set you had: Accur8 Molded Fins & Roll Patterns Skins for Estes Mercury Redstone Model Rocket. I plan to use this on an Estes 1921 kit. will I need or want any other decals or skins other than what is provided in both your skin or the Estes decals?
Hey Mr. Fuel! (couldn't resist <G>)

If you order the kit you indicated you will NOT get the skins that cover the fuel/oxidizer';; be losing the weld lines, vent details, some rivet details at the tank ends, the black band around the center as well as the 'UNITED STATES" so you would have to use the "UNITED STATES" and black band decals from the kit. can get the Mercury Redstone kit at Hobby Lobby for about $16 by using their "universal" 40% off coupon. Just visit the Hobby Lobby website (the 40% coupon works on you smart phone...piece of cake to take advantage of).

John Pursley
Accur8 Spacemodels
[email protected]
Mr Pursley

I think you and I have this covered now through eBay messages and updated purchases, thanks again for all your help. and the Hobby Lobby is where I will probably be purchasing from. I end up driving by one every week and always have to stop in for something. I do want all those details pretty sure my additional order covers that if not let me know, thanks again. You mentioned you had to make more fins so take your time with my order I am in no rush.