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Jan 18, 2009
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Anyone have any experience ordering from AC Supply? I notice they still show inventory on Maxi Alpha IIIs!

Greetings Greg!

I've ordered from ACSupply twice before. Both times were quick service and prompt delivery. I actually bought my Honest John kit from them a while back. I find them to be one of the most affordable and cheaper sites to buy Estes rockets. As with any online vendor, I would suggest you call ahead or Email to ensure they have them in stock. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend them. They do seem to keep the site updated regularly especially when new products arrive.
from 3 past transactions so far
good service, and relativly quick.

shipping is high, so, it pays to order lots of kits at once.,,,,,,,he he
A buddy of mine from Texas (our own space cowboy) is coming up for a small personal launch in March which just happens to include the Tour de Deuce Missouri launch. Anyway, we needed a bunch of motors since we plan on launching for two days. Late this past Monday night, I did an online order at AC Supply for a bunch of motors, they arrived today!!!! (Wednesday). It absolutely cannot get any faster than that!!!

This is my first experience with AC Supply, but it will not be the last!!

Check them out at AC Supply .

Oh, do you think $334 worth of motors (all BP) will last a couple of guys for 2 days?:D :D :D

Hm. I'm looking for some F20s for the Initiator, but this place doesn't have any.

bmhiii, is that one of the KCAR launches? Or do you attend them?

Sorry, but I don't fly with KCAR, at least not yet. I started a great friend of mine (TRF's space cowboy) in the hobby a year and half ago. This is his 2nd trip back to Missouri to launch with me and we've planned to launch as many birds as possible. (Obvious from the motor order). When we set a date, I immediately asked for the TDD to be here and it's all worked out. We will be launching either from a field by my house (Blue Springs, MO) or most likely the old Independence airport. The dates are March 18th and 19th. You're more than welcome to come out if you can! Just PM me if you want.

I think I can help w/ the F20's. My secret place for AT engines is the Hobby Lobby on Shawnee Mission Parkway and Pflumm. They had some F20s when I was there last. It's their old stock so when it's gone, that's it. And they are not marked down. $20 or so for a pair. OBTW, I've snagged all the F21s.:D

I always go to Hobby Haven if youve ever been there.

Shawnee mission pkwy... I can do this!