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Oct 12, 2009
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Here is the latest rocket that I am scratch building. I call it the AAST (almost a Shave Tail). Loosely based on an experiment rocket that was launched back in the late fifties to test high velocity chute deployment. And aerodynamics. The original stats on the rocket were:

Length: 9 feet
Diameter: 6 inches
Weight: 200 pounds
Propellant: Solid
Range: 6 miles
First Firing: 1959

It will be flying on the Estes T engines. It's first flight will be a 1/2A. My son the computer whiz says it should reach between 175 and 200 feet.

I cut the shoulder back on the nose cone to try and match the original, but what really stopped me from making this scale was the tiny front fins. My big fat fingers just could not cut wood that small. That is also why this will be my last T powered rocket. The T size has either gotten smaller or my fingers have gotten fatter.

Tell me what you think. Here are some pictures.

Andrew From Texas

Pretty cool:cool:..175-200 feet? A little optimistic me thinks.;) Probably closer to the 100 foot mark maybe a little,but not much, more..You should have no problem tracking the whole flight.
Thanks for the replies. My son who although he is a freshman in college knows everything (he thinks).

I'm lookin' for around 125 feet myself.

Another company makes low-power Q motors. ;)

But you built a 9.5 ft. tall, 200 lb. rocket that will get up to 125 ft. on a 1/2A? :eyepop: :confused:

Just kidding. :D

Looks nice.

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Here I am feeling all elated and triumphant today because I managed to apply a set of decals to my Goblin without ruining them, and then I log on and see that you have posted this...

When I come to you begging for advice, please be kind. ;)