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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Recently, my twin brother George got a IT job at Thompson Guns in Rochester, NH. Earlier this week he came home with a Walther P22 .22 autopistol . This surprised my folks, because they figured that it would be me that would bring home a gun. Anyway, he was anxious to try it out, and being inexperienced with handguns, he wanted me to take him to the range. So today we made the trip to Manchester to a nice indoor shooting range I heard about. Great place. You can rent a firearm (revolvers, auto-pistols, rifles, shot guns, even machine guns), and buy guns, ammo, and accessories on the spot. They sold George some Remington Yellow Jacket rounds for his gun, and I started the hour renting a Beretta Model 84 FS Cheetah and 50 rounds of .380 ACP rounds.


The center target was from my first clip, just to get a feel for the Beretta. The next 10 rounds went into the right target... much better job ;). The left square was my brothers. Good job bro ;). George had some problems with his P22 jaming, so I took a look at it. The ammo they gave him had a tapered nose, I told him I think it'll like round nose rounds better. So I went into the store, and got a box of CCI Mini Mag's. The new ammo worked beautifully.

After the .380 ammo was depletted, I returned the Beretta and rented a Colt 1911 .45 and got some ammo to feed it with. 45's are fun to shoot, but this one was not accurate :(. Next time I plan to try the SIG or GLOCK.

After George shot off a few mags of 22 ammo, I let him try out the .45. This is the first time he has shot anything this big. He aims, and pulls the trigger. Takes a moment to get a better possistion... and fires off the remaining six rounds. Then he and I burst out with laughter... defiently an experience he will remember forever.

With only 5 minutes left of our range time, George finishes off his last two mags of ammo in style! I was surprised by his vigorness :).
Sorry, man. For some reason I thought you lived in Massachusets.
A customer of mine was given a treat with a trip to a private gun range after hours.

He has a "high pressure" job as a high school principal and had just finished a very grueling week.

His friend knew this and as a special treat , since they were alone at the range, pulled out some sort of automatic weapon, loaded a clip and let him shoot.

He said he never releived so much tension so fast! After empying two clips and completely obliterating the target, he asked for another clip.

His friend told him..."that'll be enough...you just used up about $90 worth of ammo!"
Thats why I like going shooting... it IS a major stress release :). I been wanting to go for a while... a few years since my last shooting outing.... when my bro came home with the pistol, that gave me the excuse I needed to get off my can ;). Here in NH, machine guns are legal :). You need a permit to own one, but at the range... you can rent one for $35, and buy the ammo. Now... with machine guns... they can shoot up many dollars of ammo real fast... Something on my list of things to do before I die ;).
Cool post! I have a carry permit also. That why some friend wounder when I say I am SHOOTING off some rockets! Have an original PPK (6 rounds-made in west germany!) way to go guys!!
not a lib :kill:
PPK's are nice. I had a friend who had one. Matter of fact, I drove him to Smithys to buy it (his car broke down). I picked up a box of ammo for it, but never got a chance to try it out :(. Three years later, I still have all 50 rounds of those... plus one I found on the floor when I was sweeping up my shells (probabily fell out when I was clearing the only jam I had with the beretta),.

I was disapointed that the website said they had no PPK's, and a phone call confirmed that that the beretta was the only .380 they had. When using their guns, I had to use their ammo, but I decided to try it out anyway :).

I was also disapointed that they no longer rented out their Desert Eagle :(. Such a bummer... always wanted to shoot one of those.... 50 Cal would make a man out of yah :D.

Oh, Steward, they are similar to rockets because they are balistic projectiles ;)
Originally posted by Chilly
They still allow you to own firearms in Mass.?:p

not really, if you have one you will probably get a whole bunch of protesters at your house if you live within a 20mile raddius of boston. once you get out went a little bit the way people think becomes more, lets say, sensible.

Originally posted by N3TJM
In Mass, you need a permit to have a permit ;)

yep pretty much, people are crazy in this state
2 Dougs!
with guns !

Just kidding.
Glad you guys had a fun safe time.
My dad was a Sergeant in the State Troopers, now retired.
A Trooper since I was 3 and in the Army before that.
So I've shot a few guns myself. I'm a pretty good shot, but I don't really care to hunt like most men around here.
So me and my dad do alot of target shooting and skeet/clay shooting. That's what you should try next is skeet shooting.
Automatic shotguns, shooting at clay birds. Lots of fun.