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Jan 17, 2009
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For over 30 years, Fine Scale Hobbies has served the people of Stratford, CT. Models, rockets, RC planes, and anything you wanted could be ordered.

On January 3rd, 2009, the owner, Scott Richardson, passed away from a sudden heart attack at 58.

The family made a go of it, but they didn't have the passion for it that Scott had.

On Tuesday, June 30th, 2009, Fine Scale Hobbies will close its doors for the last time.

Truly, a sad day.

But there is a silver lining to this dark cloud. Time Machine, a HUGE hobby store in Manchester, CT (about an hour and 15 min away), has agreed to buy any remaining stock, and open a small satellite store Sometime in the beginning of August, right where Fine Scale Hobbies is now.
That is a bit sad. But, I do have to say that Time Machine is the most incredible hobby store I've ever seen! So the silver lining is gold in this case.
Well, I did get 4 packs of 13mm motors and an 18mm reload case for 30 bucks.
The 13mm's will be used for the 4th in Applewhite saucers.
That is sad.:(

Is it just me or does it seem like hobby shops are closing down left and right???

Our only hobby shop in the area closed the day after New Years with virtually no notice.:eek:
I saw this ad on the back of my grocery receipt and couldn't believe it. Hopefully this increases rocket sales at my local hobby (train) shop. I'm running out of LPR kits to buy there, but I see they have some of those Estes balsa Walmart kits in, and my local Walmart doesn't so I might as well get one of those and get a buck off.

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I have been to other (non-rocketry) forums today and many people are posting how sad it is that Farrah and Michael Jackson died. I consider this man's passing far more sad as it truly effects people on the forum. No disrespect to Farrah, but her death means nothing to me or anyone else I have ever met.

As for Michael Jackson, he was a very talented artist, but a total loon in my opinion.

I'm sorry you have lost a local retailer who served his community and hope the new arrangement works out.
Well, its official. In less than 2 hours, they close for good.

I went in, just to see what was left, and to say goodbye. I bought their last rocket. An Estes Executioner. Only charged me 20 bucks for it.

I shook his hand and thanked him for sticking it out for so long.

I'm glad Time Machine will be in there in August. But I'll miss the little store, with the stools you could sit on, relax, and just talk hobbies for hours.
support your venders, in fresno we have only one good hobby shop. but it is not high power friendly, I buy almost every thing from jack at "what's up hobby " and before him andy. andy got me back into this hobby, he answered every call no mater how stupid. jack has followed andy's example.

when we had two venders i used to try to split the business, but it seems that we have lost mohave.

if we don't have venders then we won't have launches. if it costs a couple of bucks more from the trailer then ebay, do it, do you know how much it cost these venders to show up at a launch. i am lucky to launch at tcc in fresno and the size of the club can support permenent venders, this made all of the stuff with batf easy. but we too have to worry about losing venders.

beside i have never seen a internet sight that was willing to loan a case. thanks to jack and all of the other venders that come to our launches, we could not put on the show without you. and the great eats.
Well after having seen this thread awhile back since I thought the CMASS launch today was going to be cancelled and having over slept anyway I took a ride down to Time Machine what an amazing hobby shop it is.I haven't seen a shop this big since our local hobby shop H & L Childs was still around I think this place was actually bigger then Childs was pretty decent motor selection pretty much any hobby or pass time you could imagine was in stock and they had a pretty sweet looking HO club layout that I think I will have to go back down and check out when its open to the public.I managed to drown my sorrows about missing the launch by buying myself an Aerotech G Force.Many thank to MysticalRockets for bringing this place to my attention.

You were only about 20 minutes form a great launch today! We flew at, get this, the Gadbois property in Salem CT.

It's sad CMASS and CATO fly on the same day.

Wow if I woulda known that I woulda stopped by for a visit. yeah it is too bad that both clubs launch on the same day.