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Feb 24, 2009
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Here's the result of my first-ever Barrowman calculations: The RoosterBooster!

It also happens to be my first D-powered rocket ever.

It is based on the Gassaway 2-minute Egg design for 18 mm motors. Our section scheduled a D-eggloft duration competition last Sunday; I built the RoosterBooster in about three days. it wasn't a simple upscale - that's why I ran CG and CP calculations.

Because of windy conditions, we opted not to hold the competition. But after intensive work I just had to launch...
We had our largest crowd yet at our Sunday launch. There were a few TARC students present, and a number of first-time flyers. The idea of flying an egg in a rocket really got everyone's attention!

My calculations showed that the RoosterBooster was overstable, but i still felt anxious as the countdown progress. I needn't have worried - the liftoff was beautiful and the flight flawless. Having never flown a D motor before, I was surprised at the altitude the RoosterBooster achieved (I don't have data- it was just higher than I expected!)

The rocket drifted way downrange on an 18" chute, carried on the stiff breeze. The entire crowd watched, then cheered as the RoosterBooster came down, snagged on the very end of a branch at the treeline. What a great feeling!

The RoosterBooster was ultimately recovered, and the egg was intact!